Managing Through Feedback and Career Conversations

Jan & Feb 2021

What will you accomplish as a result of this learning track?

You will...

  • Be able to confidently and effectively deliver and receive feedback
  • Practice and actively apply frameworks that fit your context and team needs
  • Workshop conversations on performance and progression
  • Form a group of peers and mentors to continue to consult as you develop the skills
  • Be able to design or propose a standard process for employee reviews and feedback


Lesson #1

You will...

  1. Have a foundational understanding of how human needs impact feedback
  2. Discuss and share social styles and first-hand experiences with feedback
  3. Know enough to jump into readings and reflect on opportunities to give feedback in your team

Lesson #2

You will...

  1. Learn about feedback theory
  2. Understand evalualative, coaching, and appreciative feedback
  3. Learn what makes feedback effective
  4. Apply frameworks in mock roleplay scenarios

Lesson #3

You will...

  1. Learn what makes career progression conversations effective
  2. Understand how to separate compensation conversations from performance ones
  3. Apply feedback frameworks to objections in career progression conversations

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